Layena Plus


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Lake Oswego
I just got back from the feed store with a new product. Layena Plus. I had never heard of it before today. It costs 20% more than Layena but contains Flax for Omega 3 and marigold oils for egg color. Any of you tried it yet or know anything more about it?
Hasn't arrived at our feed store yet, wonder if we could add our own flax and come out better.

Adding flax is what I have been doing. The only way I could get the birds to eat it was to mix it in with their normal food and add water and yogurt to make a mush, which they got as a treat in the afternoons. The new food also has more calcium, manganese, and marigold extract. Not sure if that is all good though. I have one chicken that lays thin shelled eggs at times and I'm hoping a change in food will help. None of my birds eats much of the provided oyster shell.

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