layer chickens treated with corid (amprolium)

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    Feb 10, 2016
    After recently treating my chicken with amprolium (Merial brand) we wanted to know if the eggs could safely be consumed. There were many opinions out there but none seemed to be based on fact. I tried to contact the manufacture but was told the product wasn't made for chickens (though it is commonly used) but for bovine treatment. Because no studies were done on chickens they could not answer my question. So after thinking it through I asked the question in a different way,"is there a study on humans" to which the answer was "yes" and I was directed to those who could answer this question. they said because meat and milk products are consumed by humans they had to know if there would be any transference to us via the meat or milk and was there any risk to humans. The answer is "NO". You don't have to throw out any eggs during or after treatment. There is no adverse affects on humans from the treatment. FYI, I treated with 1/2" tsp per gallon for (5) days.
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    Welcome to BYC, and yes there is no withdrawal period for eggs with ampro.

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