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    May 3, 2016
    I have 4 hens. 2 of which are ready. I've checked their pelvis placement and their vents are "open" and they've been squating for a little over 2 weeks.
    3 of them are 20-21 weeks and 1 was given to me and she is 28-30 weeks. The guy who gave her to me said she's laid a few eggs for him but I've had her a week now and nothing[​IMG]
    Am I doing something wrong? They get purina laying crumble with a little extra oyster shells. They have boxes with woods shaving(not hard). They get plenty of water I even put ice in their water bucket if it's over 85°. They have plenty of shade. They get a little block of mill worms once a week..... Any advice?
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    Patience. There is nothing that can be done to 'make' them lay. 90% of breeds start to lay sometime between 20 and 25 weeks. So it will happen soon. How soon that will be exactly, can not be determined.
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    do you free range? Any chance of a hidden nest?

    for the younger birds, I think you're just at the waiting point. Literally any day now, this is the hardest part [​IMG]

    The older hen, how long have you had her? Moving a hen usually causes a pause in production, it can last a good 2 weeks or so before she starts laying again.
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