Laying after injury?


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Feb 20, 2011
I have a RIR, Barred Rock and Faverolle. 2 weeks ago, something (possum we think) bit a 2" chunk out of the Faverolle's backside. I've cleaned it, and am treating it with Blue Kote now. Problem is....she couldn't be in the run with the other 2 without them pecking at her and making her bleed all over again. So, I isolated her in a little pen right next to them, and put her in a bin in my garage to roost at night.

Now, assuming it's because she hasn't been in/near her regular box, she hasn't laid an egg. 2 weeks without laying an egg. When I went to grab her to put the Blue Kote on her today, she did squat, so that gives me hope. Also, I put her in the run with the other two and am keeping an eye on them today, hoping to encourage her to go into the nesting box. (Ever since then, the RIR has been laying soft eggs too, but that's for a different thread).

My concern is, how long is too long for them to go without laying before possibly becoming egg bound? Not sure how I can tell if she's not laying due to injury (and will never lay again) or simply due to being out of her comfort zone?

These are pets for my kids in addition to our egg source, so culling isn't an option (her name is Bon-Bon). I would still like her to be productive though.
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