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    My ? I am all done with coop and temp run coop 8 foot long 4 feet wide 5 foot high run 6 feet long almost 4 feet wide and about 2 4 feet high (when they are full size and im done raising the wall and clipping wing they have a big chicken run but safty first) so now they are all roosting on there roosting bar under the chick fourm i was told this would be a good time to put the laying box in so they get used to it. I was orginal going to put 4 in cuz i have 4 chickens but was told by uncle 1 would be more then enough so what is best I have 3 blue milk creats

    I was going to turn sidwise and block bottom part put hay in


    i can put a bigger plastic tub ben in
    i was going to take lid off turn in upside down and then cut hold on side for them to get in (i have a blue one like pic above or red one) dose color matter would red be ok to use or should I use blue one? then put hay in it. Should I use 1 or 2 plastic tubs

    Any suggestions would be appriacted

    My birds just in case that matters. so my girls are little over 2 months old and i know i have some time before eggs start to lay I have 2 exchequer leghorn black and white 1 buff orpington 1 not quite sure some think she is a golden sex link (tan and white one)


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    no opiones on this one???????
  3. we are using egg crates. They are easy to clean, and we just fill them with hay. (laid on their sides)
  4. correction... milk crates
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    Jul 10, 2010
    You can use all of them and they might all lay in the same one, even at the same time. I like having more than one even for a few chickens so they have the option to lay in others if they lay at the same time. Mine choose the laying box randomly and sometimes lay in the same, don't seem to mind. They do prefer it to be dark and feel safe so that is the only thing that really matters.
  6. How are things in Henderson? We just moved from SW LV about 6 months ago. Very new at the chicken thing myself. We have 8 hens, 2 roos and just 3 nest boxes (milk crates) Mine are about the same age as yours. We are hoping for eggs around the end of July.
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    its hot the last 2 days yesterday offical was 107 my back porch 117 today suppose to be 104 my back poarch 112 right now but there is a breeze to day thank god i have sheet over chicken coop doors and one window i keep going out and weting down. I wish I could get out of this town myself but stuck for at least another 4 days.

    thank you everyone for your responses

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