Laying eggs away from coop

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  1. dabele

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    Jun 4, 2015
    One (or more) of our hens has decided to drop her egg wherever she may be. This started this week. One egg was in the run end of the coop, another under the deck 50 ft away, etc. They've been laying since Dec 2015, now they are all molting, and we live in Arizona. The egg laying has not decreased as I read it would during molt, checked for mites and other parasites and found none.

    Why are my girls, or one of them, dropping eggs all over the yard when the rest use the nesting boxes? (And there are plenty of empty un-utilized boxes).
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Some birds go through a neck molt in spring, they shouldn't be having a full body molt this time of year. Stress and not enough nestboxes can cause hens to seek out other places to lay and cause them to drop eggs. A bit more about your set up and how you feed them could help determine where your troubles are from.
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    I have a hen who on occasions has dropped a egg by the feeder! No good reason as more than enough laying places. I've not been able to sus out why this happens. Maybe they think they need a poo ha ha.

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