Laying eggs from the roost...kerplop!!

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    We have just finished a new coop with a lovely roost and are trying to get the chickens used to it. They keep going back to their old coop, wanting to lay, but it is shut up tight and will soon be gone. At least they have no problem being tucked in at night. Here is my problem. One or more of the 3 hens is laying eggs from the roost. This results in scrambled eggs on the poop board. I am completely at a loss here. Any ideas or comments?
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    I had one lay from the roost a few days ago. They are usually really good about using the nest boxes. Fortunately I use the deep litter method and there was plenty of cushion below. I don't use a poop board, but maybe you could try putting a little straw or hay for cushion for a few days until they get back into the swing of things.
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    take a long box and put some hay in it so when they lay it ends up in the box!!! [​IMG]
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    I have one who does this. She also drops eggs wherever. I've found them in the middle of the yard, next to the water bucket, under the dryer vent. My husband says he saw her walking and one just fell out of her?????
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    Quote:That's funny!

    I had one that laid when I was holding her! The egg fell on the ground and didn't break:yiipchick

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