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Apr 1, 2010
I have 5 buffs, one started laying about a week ago now a second one is laying but she laying eggs on the floor instead of in the nesting boxes. I have 3 nesting boxes in the coop is that enough for 5 chickens? Is there a way to get her to lay in the nesting boxes or just let her lay eggs on the floor?thanks
I have five hens and only two nest boxes. It hasn't been a problem until recently when one of my young barred rocks decided to start laying in the garden under a tomato plant. She had been laying there for six days before I figured it out. I put an egg in the nest box and left it there for a few days. She quickly figured it out.
I have two coops. One coop houses 18 hens and the other 11. We did not think we would get this into chickens when building the first coop.
But my hens in the first coop which are the oldest some lay in the nesting boxes and others on the coop floor right by the clean out door so it is easy to get to. The ones in the second coop... none of them will lay in the nexting boxes and I have tried eggs real and fake and even golf balls. Nothing will get them to lay in the boxes. As long as they are laying. I am not complaining.
I have 12 hens and four nest boxes. They were all laying, but in the same nest box. Taking turns, if you will. I tried putting golf balls in the other three boxes, but it wasn't working. So, when cleaning out my garage I found some of my grandkids plastic Easter Eggs. So I thought, "What the heck". And ever since placing them in the nest boxes the hens are using all four boxes. They even kick out the plastic eggs to lay now, but I keep putting them back in until they get good and imprinted.
Is it possible for you to be out there around laying time and move her to the boxes when she's about to lay?

When my chickens started laying I would get a mystery egg in the corner almost every day, always the same color. I went out one day to find a speckled sussex in that corner throwing pine shavings over her back. I put her up by the nesting boxes and she climbed right in, might be a coincidence but I haven't had a floor egg that color since. I had a few more from other chickens in the beginning, but they all use the nesting boxes faithfully now that they know the drill. Hopefully you can teach them the right place and they'll learn from each other, otherwise maybe you can construct some sort of nesting box in that corner that's tilted so the egg rolls to a place where you can collect it?

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