laying hen with white/green diarehha

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    We've got a 35 week old barred rock hen that has spent the whole day in the coop on a roost. She has really running poop that is mostly white with a little bit of kelly green in it. I don't think she's moved all day. We noticed on Wednesday that one of the barred rocks was lethargic when we let them out of the chicken run. She roosted up on a bench and puffed her feathers out a little. We thought she was just cold. Now we've got a hen that won't come out of the hen house, it's probably the same bird. Her eyes looked clear this evening and there was no nasal discharge. Her legs seemed a little bit warmer than the birds that were outside running around. She didn't seem disstressed, except that she hasn't moved all day.

    They're eating an egg layer pellet, scratch, lots of veggies and they free range in the yard. While there has been some rain here lately, we just cleaned the coop so it's dry in there. They get plenty of time outside during the day and they're protected from drafts in the coop at night.

    We're planning on isolating the hen in the garage tonight. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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