Laying hens ate grubX

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  1. hessross

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    Aug 30, 2013
    My husband treated the lawn with scotts grubX. Then I let the laying hens get in the yard and I'm sure they ingested some on more than one occasion. I'm wondering if this will affect them or their eggs. I have been getting nauseated quite often lately and I eat a lot of the eggs. I know this is not an emergency but I can't find any info on grubX and the effects on chickens. I'm angry with him for using poison in the yard and more angry with myself for letting the girls get some. Thoughts?
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    Has it rained much since the lawn was treated? Many products are not safe for animals to even walk on them untill after it has been watered into the soil or rained a few times. The product says to apply it in spring or early summer for proper usage to prevent grub larvae. If applied in fall when grubs are already present, the grubs that die could be eaten, poisoning the chickens. I would call or email the company to find out more info on the product. Here is the package label:
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    I agree with this information entirely. I also would throw away any eggs for 8 weeks from the birds since they may have ingested poison and you don't know whether it will pass into the egg or not. 8 weeks is a pretty common timeframe for unknown withdrawal periods on chemicals. Call the company and see what they say.
  4. hessross

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    Aug 30, 2013
    It has rained but I can still see some of the grubX on the ground. Thanks for your reply. I will give them a call.
  5. Contact the number on the label or poison control.....They will know...


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