Laying Hens for sale (Whidbey Island/Seattle, WA state)

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    Economical woes force sale of family hens.

    2 Blue Cochin hens (approx. 6 months old)
    1 Silver-gray Silkie cross hen (approx 6 months old)
    1 Black Naked Neck hen (just over 1 yr old)
    1 Gold-laced Wyandotte hen (approx 1 yr)
    1 Sicillian Buttercup hen (approx 6 months)
    1 Silver Phoenix hen (9 months old)

    Several of the hens are laying, but as they are in a large coop with other, older hens, I don't know which ones. They have had light in their coop to prolong their laying season.

    If you want two or more, I can meet you in the Seattle area on the weekend. cash only please.

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