Laying hens various breeds must go today or tomorrow -norco

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    Nov 8, 2008
    Selling off most of my flock per husbands request or better yet demand. Hubby feels we are getting way more eggs then we need so would like me to downsize. I mean really how many eggs can one eat per meal anyhow. Feed has gone up again and with pets stealing food , a smaller feed bill would make hubby happy. Plus we are doing some work in yard and I rather wait till we have final coops in place instead of temporary . I have to agree . I have various breeds most laying. A lot of people taking their pick today will go fast. , easter eggers, marans, orphingtons, etc. 6 mo of age to one year. 12.00 each young roosters various breeds free. Hurry
    Must go asap.

    We are in Norco .
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