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    Next week it will have been one year since my Black Australorp hens began laying.
    This summer they have had a lot to contend with, including roosters maturing within their pen, and the ruckus of that scenerio.
    Then they all began laying well, again, and all was normal.
    Now, I have one broody, so obviously she isn't laying, and one who may be molting, so I can see her not laying much (these things are as expected), But the other 4 are laying 1 or 2 a day, with no sign of molt from the rest. They have been known to give me between 2 and 4 eggs a day (from 4) normally.
    I know my broody is an egg-a-day layer when she isn't broody. Mathilda, my molter was also a good layer. Could it be the other four have been the slackers all along???
    Is it time for their production to be falling off, already, age-wise? I was hoping to keep them all another year (til this time next year), but I can't possibly afford to feed 4 of them for another year for 1 egg a day.
    Could it be the time of year? They have the same amount of light all year long, so I am certain it isn't that.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks as always!
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    It's that time of year.

    When people get new chickens they get used to super layers that go through the winter, but on the second year, they get used to what owning chickens really means. There's molting, possible broodiness (depends on your strain and breed) lack of laying due to winter/weather, and so on.

    And yes, then there's the fact that production layers like most Australorps will indeed slow down by year 2, and continue slowing from there on. [​IMG]
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    Thank you, Illia!
    I wondered if that were the case.
    It helps to have an objective observer on the situation!!!
    Thanks, again!

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