Laying pullets and Ameracaunas for sale

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  1. FF

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    Jan 9, 2010
    I am selling some of my chickens. I can bot feed them as it is. I Have about 50 chickens. Production Reds and White Leghorns. Roosters and hens of both. I also have Ameracaunas. 2 roosters and a hen. Wanting to sell about 15 chickens.Recently they was given antibiotics so they are healthy chickens.They are about 5-6 months old and I am getting a few eggs. Tehy are just starting to lay. Prices are as followed

    Production Red
    hens-$11 or 5 for $50
    roostrers-$5 or a trio for $25

    White Leghorns
    hens-$12 laying BIG white eggs or $55 for 5
    rooster-$7 or trio for $30

    All of them ( 2 roosters and a hen which is the only way you will get the hen) for $20. She is starting to get muffs and the 2 roosters already have muffs. They are black and white. One is brown black and white

    Jersey Giant Hen-$10

    Willing to trade for silkies, buff orpingtons and barred rocks. Nothing else. Must be under 1 year old and laying.
    Thanks for looking.

  2. Ace918

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    Jul 7, 2009
    Sweetwater, Tn.
    I am interested in the Ameraucanas, but I would like to know where in Tennessee you are located.
    I am in Sweetwater.
    Thank You,
  3. HBuehler

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    Not to confuse anyone but the Ameraucana's are Easter Eggers not the true Ameraucana...they don't come in the colors stated.They are much more common than an Ameraucana and still usually lay pretty eggs.They are sold all the time as Ameraucana's because hatcheries call them so and people don't know the difference until they see a true Am and do their research.
  4. FF

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    Jan 9, 2010
    Quote:Yes. I knew that. I did not think honestly to put EE but I figured people would know that these are not true Ameracaunas. EE(Ameracaunas) are just so common that I thought that people would know that these are not the actual ones. And I don't think I would sell true Amercaunas for thios price either. [​IMG] Thank you for helping

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