Le Chic Inn signing in to say Hi..

Le Chic Inn

7 Years
May 21, 2012
Victoria Australia
Hi. Newbie to BYC and chickens. Our girls haven't arrived yet,hopefully today is Cluck Day.
Im in Victoria Australia and very chilly at the moment so im cooped up in my own warm nest learning as much as I can before our 5 new additions arrive. Eggcited. You bet!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
Attila the Hen,it could be because we're upside down or global warming or because we are about a week away from the start of winter..last week it was unseasonably warm,now...not so
Four chicken puns and your chicks haven't even arrived - you've got quite the case of chicken fever! What breeds will you be raising? Enjoy them!
Our girls arrived! A bit late at night so they just had a quick look around Le Chic Inn before head under wing time. Please excuse my ignorance on breeds at the moment as I got them from my brother in law who has no idea either..2speckeled ones,two reddy brown ones and a dark brown with a black head..research needed. But main thing is finally Clucky Flannigan,Fiona O'Clucklan,Jeremy Cluckson,Cluck Norris and Gladys have arrived.
Hello a welcome to BYC from a rather cold South Africa

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