leahy favorite redwood incubator, I need help please :)


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Feb 26, 2012
Phelan California
I was given a leahy redwood incubator yesterday and im having a bit of trouble getting it to stay at temp so I need anyones help willing to give it thank you so much in advance im so excited to finally have an incubator ive seen on here for a long time and always wanted the problem im having is getting it to 99 deg it either goes to high or to low I ordered 2 new wafers but is there anything else I could do I want all the tios and tricks for using these
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Jun 14, 2009
Just got one myself.

Thermostat on the left set at 101.5, this is your safety, keeps you from cooking your eggs if the control thermostat fails.
Thermostat on the right should be backed completely off until the left side is set. Once the left is set , adjust the right side thermostat to control at 99.5.
Check the heating element in the bottom for function and make sure it's clean.
There is a instruction manual on the internet. Also their is a thread here on byc discussing redwood incubators maybe page 3 or 4 in this forum.

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