Leaks in coop


8 Years
May 23, 2011
Our coop is a converted wood store, surrounded on two sides by another wood bay and an outdoor workshop. It is spacious for our small flock and they are happy there. Our Oregon winter has caught up with us and there are a couple of leaks. They don't form puddles or drip, just seep in a couple of places, not on the chickens, their roost, food, nest box, water or grit plate. The question is whether this kind of leak will hurt the chickens. Repairing it would mean major structural changes. Any advice would be appreciated.
If it's the roof that is leaking, Kool Seal should fix it


I agree with Ole Rooster. Fix it as best you can now and it will save you time and money in the future. a little quick fix now would be a lot better than major structural repair later.
Patch it if you can. Even a small leak can cause big problems pretty quickly. That kool seal stuff, my husband swears by it, LOL. I think he'd kool seal us for protection if he could!
I can't tell whether it is the roof although the laws of physics would be a clue. One leak is from under the wall which joins it to the wood bay. The other is at a 90 degree join, kind of a shelf, adjacent to the workshop. I will pass on all the valuable information you've given. It's really helpful. Thank you.
If it isn't a bad leak I would try FlexSeal. It is the as seen on tv spray. Not sure where you are but you can get it at most places that carry as seen on tv products. I get it at walgreens down here. It is a spray so it is easy to get in small cracks without ripping apart.

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