Leann's adopt me bargin??


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8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
Has anyone ever gotten the leanns adopt me bargin from Meyer hatchery? Mine is supposed to come tomorrow and im hoping for some turkeys. There are 25 total birds comming. Please tell me what you got!!
Are they free? What could possibly come? Ducks? Chickens? Turkeys? Geese? Other poultry? Ive nver done it before. Oh and
Do they sex there chicks there? Not the bargin thing like when you order some chicks will they sex them? If they do, be prepared for more males then females.
Well, most of the time people want more females then males. Im not saying that you wont get any females, im just saying be preped. You more then likely will get more males. I sure do hope you get lots of females do you get chickens and turkey? Or one or the other?
You get any surplus turkeys and surplus turkeys basically any left overs from the brooders, idk i really dont wana get stuck with all males lol i live in minnesota and it gets cold here, i dont want to winter useless males. maybe theyl be big enough by december to cull
They probably will. I hope you get atleased half females! Then whatever males you dont want you can either sell or eat.

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