learning stairs


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
We have stairs to the duck pond. The little ducks got that no problem, they are little stairs.
The stairs back to the next, entirely different as they are made for humans, not ducks! I've been trying to get them to go up on their own, but nope, have to pick them up and carry them. Tonight, made them try again. Jasmine made it no problem. Helped her on the first and she hopped up the rest. Dill... she seems to understand she is supposed to go up. The how, she didn't quite grasp, so I had to help her with a boost for all but one step.

Closed them on the deck and DH and the dogs and I went for a stroll in the back yard (4.5 acres with lots of pines). I swore I heard their peeping on the way back. Get close and I just started laughing. I see Dill in the food yard (fenced off, dogs can't get in, but ducks and chickens can get to their hut with the food - and just plain get a break from having to worry about getting stepped on by crazy dogs who ignore them). Peeping away going back and forth. Then I see Jas stuck in the little garden in the food yard. Seems they wanted a chance to do the stairs again, so they jumped off the deck. One all the way down (dill), the other just to the garden (so about half way, then the rest of the way down).

I told them they had to go up the stairs on their own. So they did. Even Dill. Helped with the first and they did the rest on their own.

And now i know I can't leave them on the deck unattended anymore as they will just get themselves down! Little turd balls!

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