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  1. Mbean15

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    May 10, 2016
    I've seen a lot of threads for "Top 10 friendliest" "best breeds for children" or "best starter chickens", but what i want to know is which breeds are consistently the rudest, least friendly chickens that you have encountered?
  2. QueenMisha

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    Leghorns are awful, flighty, fearful birds. They're just plain neurotic. Never have been able to stand a Leghorn.

    Crele Orpingtons are massive jerks... I've found that they have the opposite of the typical friendly, calm Orpington personality. They attack each other, and people, and do not tame down well at all.

    Rhode Island Reds are usually great with people but will pick other hens bare and will even kill birds weaker and younger than them.

    Gamefowl are awesome with people... they're fierce with each other and cocks will fight for hours trying to kill each other (not their fault of course, it's due to their breeding and it's their keepers responsibility to keep them safe and separate).

    Hamburgs I actually love... but they hate being handled and have what I call the "Hamburg scream"... pick them up or touch them and they wail like a wounded cat... goes on for 10+ minutes, sometimes longer.

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