leathery eggs


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
Kodiak, Alaska
Okay, our 3rd duck started laying last week and for a couple days we were getting 3 nice eggs a day. Each of them would take a break about every 5th day, on their own schedule. They were really good about laying at night in the coop.

For about the last 4-5 days though, we've only had 2 eggs per day. I figured they were all just taking days off one right after the other. However, in the last 2 days we've found the remains of 3 broken eggs that had soft, leather shells. 2 of them were outside and one was in the coop. Any idea what's up?

The other 2 eggs each day are still good and hard (harder than chicken eggs). They get oyster shell mixed with their food although I'm offering it free choice separately now. I'm just not sure why we are having problems with this one. There's no way to tell which one it is either, without watching them all night.

Also, why would she lay the leathery one outside? Does she know it's no good and destroys it?

Just curious!

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