Leave lamp off or turn back on?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fatcatx, May 17, 2016.

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    We have 6 week old chicks that have been outside about 1 ½ weeks. They were raised in the garage.

    Our weather has warmed up enough that it has briefly stayed in the 60s the last few nights so I turned off the heat lamp altogether. (Previously it was only on at night.) The 60s will last maybe two more days and then it is going to dip back down to 50.

    So my question is: do I need to turn the lamp back on for the 50s? They will only have had about 4-5 days to acclimate to the 60s and no heat. I figured they are a little soft after being raised in a toasty garage but they are fully feathered.
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    They will be just fine with no heat. Chickens handle the cold much better then they handle extreem heat. 50s will be fine.
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    I agree with OFW. Chickens are much hardier than a lot of folks give them credit for. If they're feathered out, get rid of that god-awful lamp.
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    At 6 weeks they can handle the 50s easily.

    I have an outdoor grow out pen where I put them around 3-4 weeks. Like you, I run the heat at night most of the time, I just vary it depending on the weather. Then around 6 weeks or when they're feathered out, they go to the next step pen with no heat (but some nice fat Cornish Cross to snuggle with---those things really put off the heat!).

    As long as they're out of the wind or wet, they'll do well.
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    Awesome! Just what i wanted to hear. I love the overwhelming consensus. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the reassurance!

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