leaving chicks for 2 1/2 days

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  1. i'm going to ND tomarrow to see my dad and cousins, and i have to leave my 5 week old chicks. what should i do?
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    Jun 10, 2010
    Make sure they have food, water, and that their heat lamp (if they still have one) can't be knocked over and set your house on fire. If you have a feeding tower, fill it up, fill up the water and maybe give them an extra one in case they manage to drain that one. I have a water bottle waterer (like for rodents or rabbits) in my brooder, one they can't possibly spill, but that's better left to teach them to use it when you have time. You can try putting one in if you want, maybe they will learn while you're out, but don't leave it as the only source of water. As long as they have access to food and water, they should be fine. If you're really worried, pay off a neighbor to come check on them and show them how to add food or water to the containers.
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    We went to WDW back in April and left our 10 2-week old chicks for 6 days. Made sure they had a lot of water and food the day I left and immediately went to see them when I got back. The food was low but otherwise they survived just fine. My only concern was loss of power to brooder but never happened.
    Go and don't worry--they should be fine especially given their age and the temperature so brooder heat shouldn't be a problem.
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    Can't you arrange for someone to come in and check on them? Most of the pet sitting services will also care for poultry. I would be reluctant to leave them unattended even for 24 hours.
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    Im reluctant to leave them alone for even 4 hours.
  6. i am going to make sure about the food and water. i arranged my 4th grade teacher to come to check on them once a day while i'm gone. its a good thing she lives a few houses down and she's had chickens many times before.

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