Leaving for Boot Camp for the USMC June 6th!**LEAVING TODAY**


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Well I know I havent been very active since I had to rehome most of my critters but I still browse and post when I have time.

Anywho - June 6th is the day! On july 9th 2010 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Ive been In the delayed Entry Program ( DEP ) for almost a year now, had to wait to complete high school before I could go in. So Now Im a high school graduate, 18, and ready to head into life.

Its not meant to be fun, Not meant to be enjoyable. Its meant to break me into tiny pieces, stomp on me, spit on me and turn my entire world upside down - but it'll be worth it in the end.

I'll be graduating in the begining of september if nothing goes wrong.

I get to have my wisdom teeth out tomorrow lol. So the pain begins a little early! I have less than two weeks before my world is flipped upside down, so I guess i just wanted to say my good byes a little early!

BYC has made a major impact on my life. Even though I dont talk to yall much anymore, havent met yall, or even had a good one on one convo with most on here - there are some users that I look up to on here and I just wanted to let yall know that Im proud to be a BYCer thanks to the dozen or two members on here who have helped me over the years. And I thank everyone for being a part of that!

SO here is to BYC!


Well today is the day. Tonight i'll spend the night at a hotel, tomorrow i go to MEPS and then its off to South Carolina. ANd possibly the hottest summer of my life. All I can do is hold my head up and hold onto that little rock in my ribs that keeps me motivated and doesnt let me give up. I guess I'll see yall in a few months
Hopefully I'll be wearing that Uniform thats so hard to find lol
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wow; I am very humbled that you chose such an honorable route in your life.

Being a former military wife; I know what boot camp is like; albeit army; not marines lol..
Youare right, you will be beat down, chomped up again and again, spit out and mentally beat, but then
the amazing thing happens, you will be built up into a brave, wonderful and respected soldier!

I for one, am very thankful for my military! My brother is on alert to be deployed to Afghanistan after already
serving 2 tours in Iraq...

May God Bless you and keep you!! Please get rest before hand!!


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Feb 23, 2010
That gives us just enough time to help you bone up
on the Gomer Plye. Catch the reruns, study it hard.
It will help you.

Or may the "No Time For Sargents", but I think that one
was army.

Either way...I'm proud of you.



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Congrats on choosing a proud and worthy direction to take your life in! Thank you for your willingness to fight for MY freedom and everyone elses in this Country.


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We'll miss you, GoatWalker. Take good care of yourself and thanks for choosing to serve our country.


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That's awesome man, your going to be in for a fun time. If you have any questions feel free to pm me, Ill try to help out the best I can.

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