Leaving town for a few days worried about my hens.


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Austin Tx
OK I spoiled my girls. They are picky about eating their layer food. I give them good scraps every day. The run is about 15 X 20 ft or more. Every day at 3pm I let them out to free range the rest of the yard till dark. The problem is I will be out of town for 4 days and I know DH will not go to all this trouble. I mean I cook breakfast everyday and they get fed well. I fear they are going to be starving. I have their layer pellets in the coop but they won't touch them. GRRR!! Am I worrying over nothing?
When I know I have to be gone for a couple of days I make up a couple of treat trays that my DD or Dh can just take out of the fridge and put into the run for my chickens. That way I know they still get their treats and it makes it easier on my hubby. Good Luck!
Thanks for all the feedback. I feel better already.
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Hey, When your hungry all sorts of previously icky food looks DELICIOUS!

Bet you'll come back to not-so picky chickens!
I went away in August for 7 days, I left water and plenty of feed, scratch and Boss for them. they were fine and still had tons of food left when I got back.

the reason they do not touch the layer is likely cause they know you got tastier treats for them. When they get hungry enough they will eat the layer so there is no need to wory about it at all. Have fun and you will see when you come back they will be just fine and happy to see you :-D

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