Lebanon Maine - Free to good home - 9 month old Cockerel / Rooster - Black Australorp

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    Oct 2, 2012
    Hello there. I'm looking for someone who would love to have Lawrence, our 9 month old Australorp rooster. We raised him and eight hens since they were a day old. We purchased him from "My Pet Chicken" and he is healthy and had his Marek's vaccination after he was hatched. I've been feeding him Layena pellets - and every other day I give them leftovers, black oil sunflower seeds and scratch as treats. They have a nice coop with a run area and I let them out to forage twice a day (we have lots of predators so I don't dare to let them free range 100%). He is very "affectionate" towards the hens...and very protective, which brings me to my need to re-home him.
    I have three children and often my children have friends over and recently Lawrence has been attacking anyone that comes near his hens when they are out foraging or if you dare to enter his castle. I can normally fend him off after several minutes, but my daughters are not as tough and were hurt recently after being chased down and pecked & scratched. He is normally ok if we just give him all the space he needs but gets angry when you start picking up his hens to snuggle and pet them. And I LOVE my hens, so he's not going to stop me from picking them up and giving them a kiss or two - lol. When he stops being nasty, I pick him up and pet him too even though he doesn't like it very much.
    I'm located in Southern Maine (Lebanon) near the N.H. border. I've reached out to a couple of local farms but they have no room/need for him and another one said they'd take him in June when they "process their chickens" which I think means he'll become lunch. So, I'm hoping that someone near me would like to adopt dear Lawrence. I won't ship him, but I'm willing to drop him off if you live within 30 minutes away from Lebanon Maine...or I can meet someone half way (if the half way point is about 30 minutes away). I can provide a photo of him for anyone that is seriously interested in adoption.

    Thank you for your consideration,
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    Feb 9, 2013
    im interested ..but im ot i n lebanon
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    Jun 2, 2010
    Desparately need an Australorp cockerel, hence finding this post as googling for one. But I'm in Yorkshire :( Shame! Hope you find him a good home x

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