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    Oct 5, 2011
    I just now found your website and find it quit interesting. I am not normally a nitpicker and I enjoy fresh views and other opinions. I am seventy two years old and have raised chickens from the fertilized egg on up to brooder chicks and just wanted to comment on the chicken I think the most versatile in all my years of experience has been left from your list. I am referring to the White Rock breed which is a large egg and meat chicken and one of the quickest from hatch to frying pan I have experienced over the years. We ended up after years of raising what ever was available (we were a family of eleven children and the poorest in our town) to having mixed breed chickens. We stared the final flocks with a fifty fifty mix of White Rock and New Hampshire Red pullets with several Plymouth Rock roosters. We had found them to be the most versatile of the roosters since they never seemed inclined to fight each other, were a heavy meat breed and watched over the hens ushering them to safety from hawks, etc. We have even had them gang up and kill snakes and rats before. The last bit of nitpicking is you listed the Buff Orpington as just Orpington. You would get a large argument from our area here in East Central Illinois where several of my Amish friends have large flocks of Buff Orpingtons. Otherwise your site is wonderful, informative and should be a large help to people who have not been raised with chickens who desire to raise chickens. One of my correspondents who I advised on our mixed flock has reported to me of getting numerous double yolked eggs from her White Rocks and I told her my mother had always called them "noodle eggs" since that is what she made from them. I had to tell her how to make home made noodles and dry them for long term storage. Again thank you for your wonderful site. Harold Dean

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    I think this is just a matter of terminology. I think of white and buff as colors within a breed. I won't say that's correct, I'm no breed expert by a long shot, but it works for me.

    Orpingtons come in (I believe) 4 colors, although the buff is probably the most common. White rocks are in our breeds database as one of the Plymouth Rocks. If you look in the breeds sub-index you will find White Plymouth Rocks, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and more. I'm glad we didn't leave out your favorite breed.

    And welcome to BYC! Glad to have you!

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