left over fence pieces for roof shingles?

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  1. I have a TON of end pieces of fencing, 5.5" X 12" that's redwood, and I was wondering if I could use it as roof shingles? They're not thinner on one end or anything, they're 3/4" thick blocks. Has anyone ever tried using these things?

    It probably wouldn't work, but had to ask [​IMG]

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    We thought about buying new cedar shake for our coop roof, but seeing as we were trying to do the entire thing with reused materials, and didn't want to spend $200+ on new ones... So we found an old fence that someone was giving away (weathered cedar) and cut the sections to about 18 inches. There is a bit of extra gap under them, but it's been fine so far. Just make sure you put the roofing felt under them.
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    I think it would be a LOT of work, and take a LOT of fasteners, to only end up with a roof that leaks
  4. I just realized, I live in a fire hazard zone, so I probably shouldn't even do it, LOL. I saved them all because, well, it just seemed like a waste to throw them all away! LOL
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    Quote: I'd use them to build birdhouses and feeders and put a metal roof on the coop

  6. Birdhouses! What a perfect idea! Thanks :D
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    I had a bunch of random width board ends that are similar to your fence lumber, I made planter boxes with them (to cover pots not use to hold soil)

    My next project with them will be a water system cover box-no details yet cause I am working on the plans.
  8. Another great idea! Thanks so much!

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