Leftovers recipes.

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    I'll start:

    Mashed potatoes

    Mix them up with some flour and a couple eggs and cook them in either leftover bacon grease or crisco. Cook just like a regular pancake. I've found smaller pattys cook better than big ones(I normally do about 2 spoonfuls). I like to put an over-easy egg on top and dig in.. makes for a good breakfast the next day.
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    left over beef roast.....Cut potatoes into cubes and boil 10 min, cut roast into cubes (1inch) or so. cook together 20 mins or so. I add onion pwder because my peeps like onoin flavor but on the onion. I personaly would have chuncks of onion. Season to taste. Roast beef hash!
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    I have a 13 year old son playing football.

    What are these "leftovers" of which you speak? [​IMG]

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