Leg band size for chickens and ducks

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  1. I recently moved to a small ranch and my landlord was nice enough to let me use his old barn (2 large stalls). So I've finally gotten some khaki Campbell ducks along with a flock of 29 chickens. Most of the chicken breeds I've had before (buff orpingtons, black austrolorp, Easter eggers, cuckoo marans) but I added some new ones as well (speckled Sussex, silver laced wyandottes, and a crested polish that was my mystery chick from McMurray hatchery).

    I've never had a flock this big and would like to put leg bands on them for record keeping purposes. Online I've read that most hens are size 9 and most roosters are size 11, but the EEs I've had before were much smaller than an Orpington and I have no idea how big a polish will get. And what size for the ducks? They're all less than a month old right now, so I've been using a narrow strip of vet-wrap to mark the ones I want to pay close attention to.
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