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  1. I would like to suggest swapping leg bands for poultry. I recently needed to make one rooster and had to buy a HUGE bag of red size 11 leg bands. I have plenty if you need any they are the spiral type with no information on them. I will be needing many different sizes and/or colors. What I would like to do is swap where I put some in an envelope and send them to you and you do the same. I it crazy to have to spend $8 to make one chicken as a pet then have a bunch of leftover bands.

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    Feb 14, 2009
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    Great idea! [​IMG]

    I need several sizes too, but haven't purchased them yet -- for the same reasons.

    What is your next most wanted size: 7 or 9? I will get a bag of those and trade you some. PM or email or reply . . . whatever.
  3. Either size would be great the ones I have are red so if you want to swap and want easy identification I would choose a different color. Tell me how many you want and PM the address and I'll drop them in the mail.
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    Very fabulous idea!

    I show a few chickens and need a fair number of leg bands, so I'm not really overloaded with them. But I have wished I had an array of colors instead of just one, because then a think a show judge is more inclined to think my same-breed same-variety chickens may be from different owners and perhaps take more time to carefully evaluate them against each other.
    I have had one judge not bother to even place mine against each other when I entered them as a trio, and then when I asked specifically for him to do so, he didn't bother to really ascertain their relative quality. It seems he basically figured, "Oh, the same owner is going to win 1st, 2nd & 3rd anyway, so I don't need to take time to evaluate which chicken is truly best."
    Anyway, it is important to me that when I do all that's involved in raising my chickens, preparing them for a show, plus pay for them to be judged, that they BE JUDGED.
    OK, rant over. I reckon the above really belongs in another topic category. [​IMG]

    Back on topic: I've got green numbered bands in whatever-size-it-is that-fits large fowl Ameraucanas, and would be tickled to swap a couple with any people who have other colors.

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