Leg banding turkeys


10 Years
Jun 30, 2010
Aitkin, MN
I'm sure this has been discussed, by my super slo-mo satellite internet makes reviewing the searches ridiculously tedious.

I want to band turkeys to keep track of lineage. It appears to me that I will need to start with small bands and replace bands as the birds grow. I am looking for recommendations on band size progressions, i.e. what band size to start with, and how many different sizes to use between hatchling and adult.

Recommendations on sources of leg-bands would also be appreciated.

I buy the big multi color packs of zip ties. I put them on really loose so they can grow and I clip the end so there is nothing another bird can grab and pull tight. I don't use red just so there is not as much pecking by others. You can put them on pretty loose because they don't streighten their toes. Just keep an eye on them as they grow and snip it off and replace as they grow.

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