Leg Bands for Tracking Growth

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    I'm working on a breeding project right now, and am having trouble keeping track of my chicks from hatch to adulthood, and have been thinking of using colored leg bands to track their growth. Problem was, all I saw online was assortments of leg bands in ONE size. But, I wanted the same color in ALL sizes, so I could band the chick's leg with one color - let's say purple - and just move that same color up in size, on the same chick, to track the growth the entire way. Which would mean I'd need a tiny purple band, a bigger puple band, an even bigger purple band, etc etc etc.

    Well, I couldn't afford to buy bands in ALL the sizes! So, I talked to a seller on Ebay, and she set up a "buy it now" for anyone interested. It's for a set of leg bands in progressively larger sizes, in the same set of colors. So now when my chicks are born, I'll mark each one with blue, red, yellow, pink, etc, and have all the sizes from 4-12 in the same set of colors.

    Don't know this seller; simply emailed and asked her if she'd do this for me. There was a note on her auctions that she was willing to do "special orders". She said yes, and I thought it was so nice of her to do this. I wanted to share this info, in case other folks working on breeding projects would need the same thing. Here's the link to her auction:


    Hope I put this in the right forum, moderators feel free to move it if needed . . . thanks!
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    You might try Lowe's or Home Depot or an electrical supply house. They'll sell zip ties in various colors. As the bird groes, simply snip off the old zip tie and replace with another, just slightly looser.

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    Feb 24, 2011
    wing bands can be put on at a young age and are for ever
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    Quote:Save yourself a lot of time and money and get yourself 100 wing bands and the wing band applicator. For around $5.00 give or take, you can band 100 birds only one time instead of 4 to 6 times.

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    "Chickendales" said it : simply use wing bands !!!!! they have different numbers and will be there for the chicken's lifetime .............. it's that simple
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    Another option...toe punch
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