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    Just wondering if anyone has an extra leg bands laying around they would be willing to send.. I only have 18 chickens and just cannot see ever needing that many since I have all the chickens I want and there are only 13 that I need bands for.. I have 3 production red hens, 4 barred rock hens) and 6 two month old chicks (2 del and 4 golden comet).. I am only looking for 1 set of bands for the grown chickens and two sets for the chicks (one for now and one for when they are grown).. I'd even be willing to take colored wire ties instead.. I know they can be gotten cheap but my budget is REALLY tight and this isn't necessarily a *need*.. But, I would like to be able to tell who is who... If anyone would be willing to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

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