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    May 5, 2012
    I was planning on taking 2 of my pullets to show, but I have never needed leg bands so the whole leg band thing is quite new to me. I know that the leg band number is used to identify the chicken, but what is the specific number suppose to be, how can I find this out. Does the leg band number have to do with the chickens' breed and/or variety? I have looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and cant find anything! Please Help!!!
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    Its not a big deal. Go to a feed store or farm supply and buy 2 plastic numbered spiral bandettes. They cost about $1.00 each at the most. Make sure you get the correct size to fit the birds. When you enter your birds in the show on the entry form you will put the color of the leg band ( any color is fine, all mine are pink cause its my favorite color) and the leg band number, ( any number is fine). No mystery to it. Chances are super slim that someone else will have the same kind of chicken, same color, same sex with the same leg band color and number.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    There's no reason to put bands on the birds other than to provide information to the breeder/exhibitor. Everyone has their own banding system. Bands aren't required for show.
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    Our county fairs DO require leg bands on all birds. However, our own fair is very small, mostly 4H kids so the superintendant will allow temporary bands made of tape with indelible marker. I used blue painters tape. I doubled the tape for a long enough section to go around the birds leg so no adhesive would be against their skin, then a long tail that wrapped around that part to make sure the circle of tape was stuck tight to itself. Used a Sharpie to write the numbers on the tape. I didn't take them off when I brought them home, wanted to see how long they would last, most fell off in about two days of normal running around the pen, tho a couple lasted a week.
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