Leg /foot injury


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May 18, 2020

Any advice on my injured pullet? I think she injured her leg running and hiding from the others who were pecking her. She’s been quarantined in my house for almost 2 weeks and has been in vitamins for about a week. I considered taking her to the vet but there is nothing close to me other than the emergency vet which I’m sure will be like $500.
I'm sorry no one replied to you.

How is she doing?

Is her joint swollen?
Not sure what you can do to help her out. Possibly put her in a sling for a few hours each day to help her stand more upright and take weight off the leg.
Thanks for your reply. Her joints don’t look swollen. She is gradually putting more weight on it but her foot is still curled. I think the vitamins and time quarantined is helping her heal but I’m wondering if she has paralysis. I don’t know how long to weight before I call it quits. I’ve read you can splint her foot/leg but not sure how I would go about that.

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