Leg/ foot problem on cochin


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Jun 12, 2010
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I have a bantam cochin rooster I just purchased. He had a leg band wrapped tight around his leg we got that off, it started to bleed but I put some quik stop on it to clot the blood. The worse thing is his legs are unbelieveable. They have huge globs of what looks like skin? The one foot is so bad you can't see one of his toes. Its not mud but it looks like somethings caked on. One part of his foot about the size of a dime is raw. I soaked his feet in warm water to try to loosen what ever it is. But it wouldn't soften its like its attached to his foot. Both feet have this, one's just worse then the other it almost looks like the worst case of leg mites I could imagen. His feathered feet would make petroleum jelly a pain and I don't want to use harsh chemicals. What should I do?

Sounds like scaly mite.

I would trim his feathers - watch for any new, blood feathers that are coming in - you want to protect them. And then soak his feet in warm water, wash with dawn dish soap, rinse and then soak in mineral or veggie oil.


You can also do a search - use the BYC search link in the upper blue bar, just above your logged in name. You can search by forum, title or body of the thread, ect. This give you many pictures and experiences of those who have battled this problem.

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