Leg horn on the loose! Advice please...


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6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Outside St. Louis MO.
Two weeks ago I added two hens to the flock. The first morning the leghorn ran off. I couldn't fin her. Turns out she has been living in the woods down the hill from my house, on my neighbors property. I went down to try to coax her with chopped canteloupe, tomorrow's and crackers. She wanted nothin to do with me. She wouldn't get within 75 feet of me!
I understand that she is probably quite scared and apprehensive about everything.
Any advice on how to get her back?
How long have you had her. Hopefully when it gets dark she will come home to roost. If so I would lock them up and work on getting them use to you. When I get new chickens to add to the flock I quarantine 30 days then everyone stays locked up for 2 weeks time to get acquainted. Then free range

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