Leg Injury in Faverolles Pullet? Suggestions for Diagnosis and How to Proceed


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Apr 15, 2020
Nova Scotia
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My Coop
Hi Everyone!

My flock has been doing very well, with no significant health issues these last few years. Of course, when keeping chickens, something is bound to happen.

One of my Faverolles pullets, born early May (so about 7 months old), is having a hard time walking this morning and favouring her left leg. She is bright eyed and her posture good, but the leg is clearly bothering her a lot. I checked and there are no signs of bumblefoot. The leg is also not broken. It doesn't appear dislocated as she can move it fairly well.

My Faverolles are all beginning to lay now, so I checked her vent and palpated to make sure she wasn't egg bound. I've separated her from the flock in a crate (as she was cowering under the ramp, probably to get away from the other chickens as she is low in the dominance hierarchy). She has food and water and a nice bed of shavings - and was picking at the food I left her.

As far as I can tell it seems most likely a bad sprain - whether from a rough landing (despite the fact that they have super nice deep shavings for bedding) or from our LF cochin rooster breeding with her and causing the injury then. She didn't have it when she went into the coop last night that I am aware of, but it was evident first thing this morning.

I can include a video later as the power is currently out and I'm on cellular data right now. There is not easy access to a vet here - next Thursday would be the earliest if needed as he is only in the area once a week since we are very rural.
I would separate her so has a stress free area to heal. They can heal pretty quick in the right environment, good luck!

Thanks! She is in a locktech crate with food, water, and lots of shavings. Hoping that limiting her movement will help with healing! I've never had this happen before, so it's a little worrisome.

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