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10 Years
May 22, 2010
I think a rooster has a sprain or possibly a break.
21 week old Buff Orp has a bad limp.
Started one week ago.
Suddenly, one afternoon, it did not want to walk. It can, but it limps badly on the right leg.
I did not see the injury happen but I figure it flew into the wire of the chicken run and got a leg caught in it.

So every day I put him in front of the water and he drink lots. Then I put him in front of the food crumbles and he eats. Then he limps back to hide out under the egg boxes, which are about 10 inches off the floor.

Basic question is, how long do most leg injuries take to heal, until he comes out and behaves normal again?


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10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
Gour to six weeks if treated for a fracture. If it is broken and the bones still move abnormallly, it will not heal. I used to know a man whose arm had been broken about halfway between elbow and wrist, as a child. The arm below the break just hung there, swinging freely; he had no use of it.

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