Leg injury- NOT bumblefoot

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    I have a 16 week old brown leghorn who I think has injured her leg, but I can't find the source. When I let the birds out this morning, I heard a squawk and figured someone must have been given what-for by my broody hen... and then an hour later or so I saw this one laying down in the yard near the water. When I approached, she limped off, so I knew she must have been injured in some way. I isolated her to a dog crate and gave her food/water, and for a while she roosted on a little sideways 2x4 I keep in the kennel, but now she's laying on the floor of the kennel near the water. I examined her legs/feet and can find nothing unusual- no obvious breaks or bruises, and when frightened (she's a leghorn, so anytime something moves nearbye, lol) she can draw the leg up and limp on it, but it seems like it's causing her more pain than it did at first. Her toes and leg are responsive, but at rest she leaves the damaged foot forward and much lower, almost so that it looks dislocated at the hip joint)- she only draws it up to her body when I come near and she's frightened. Any ideas what happened or if there's anything else I should do for her? Tried giving 1/2 a baby aspirin for pain, but she doesn't like treats, so she just stares disgusted at the bread with peanut butter I hid the pill in.

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