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    Okay, here is what i did for Juniper-Bays injured leg. The injury seems to be at the 'hip' area close to the body. Yesterday it was swollen and inflamed. So after searching this forum here is what I did.
    I gave her a 'duck in a cup' soak in Epsom salts and warm water.
    Then put some arnica gel on that area and put her in a beer case box open at the top so she could see her buds and them her and she could rest. They did not pick on her in fact they all seemed to snuggle with her. But when I gave them fresh food or filled the water they would run over her and her balance was off since she was not using the leg so she would fall and flail.around.
    Today I gave her a water therapy swim in warm water. She loved it. She went to work really clearing her nares and I was able to examine her more closely. She would use the leg just slightly but she was moving it. She also scratched at her bill using it a couple times so I am convinced it is not broken. Possibly a soft tissue injury??? :idunno
    Here is a pic. After I blow dried her real well. Then I put more arnica gel on her hip joint area and rubbed it down her leg too. She let me stretch the leg gently. It did not want to extend fully and I did not push it. Then I put her back in her box. It seems most comfortable to hold her so her good foot is flat on my hand and let the other hang. I am also including a sprinkle of turmeric on her food. So this is a collection of what I have learned from you and I threw it all at her. I think it may be a sprain of some sort. Any other advise? I have comfrey but it is really small right now and sine 3 inches of snow fell today it is not growing anytime soon.

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    Sounds like you're doing everything you can other than take her to an avian vet. I'd give her a few good therapeutic swims per day in warm water and keep her separated even at mealtimes to prevent her being trampled. I'm a big fan of tea tree oil so if you have some put a couple drops in her swim water. Keep an eye on the swelling of any joints and make sure they dont get worse! Good luck!

    PS: lol @ snow.
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