Leg mite wonder cure......


6 Years
Apr 3, 2015
Being the curious person I am I mixed both campho phenique and Castor oil (both oil based) in a small bowl and painted my chickens legs. Within 2 days all the barnacles had fallen off and new pink skin was showing on all birds. I am going to wait a few more days and paint them again. The nustock I tried didnt do much, if anything, as it was chalky and fell off in a few hours. Ill post back in a few days with pics.

But so far so good and it seems to work great. I painted them at bedtime so it stayed on all night.
No, I just squirted a small tube of campho into 3 small bottles of castor, mixed and painted away. You cannot buy larger quantities of campho anywhere. I also dusted the coop with 7 dust and dusted the roosts with 7. I will paint the legs again in a few days. The legs have dark lines along the scales but the crud has fallen off.

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