Leg mites/roost/introducting new chickens?

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    I noticed a couple chickens yesterday that have scaly leg mites, not too awful yet so hopefully it's early enough to get under control. This is the first time my hens have had this. I'm going to wash all their legs today in water/vinegar or water/tea tree oil, then use vaseline or coconut oil.

    If I have a wash tub, do I need to change the water out each time for a new bird? Or will the mites not transfer to a healthy bird if they are in the water/oil?

    I cleaned the coop well yesterday, used Poultry Dust.

    I've read conflicting information about the roosts, I'm going to cover those with oil too, but do the mites only stay on their legs? So I wouldn't need to be concerned about changing the roosts out?

    We recently purchased 4 new hens and a rooster, they are in their "quarantine" coop/run, but didn't know my hens would be the problem. I was going to introduce the new chickens this weekend but then found the leg mites.

    How long until the leg mites aren't contagious from my birds? It's a pain having them separated and the new hens just started laying wherever they can in the chicken tractor. I really wanted to get them used to our coop/nesting boxes this week.

    Thanks for the advice
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    Scaly leg mites can transfer from bird to bird, but I would think if you have oils/soap in the water then they would drown. Ideally it would be best to change the water each time - you may want to consider changing every few birds anyway.

    Soak the legs and feet for a little while, to help soften the scales, gently scrub with a soft brush (like a toothbrush). This will help loosen the debris (mite poop) that is on and under the scales. Dry the legs, then apply your oil/vaseline. You will need to re-apply your oil/vaseline a few times a week. (you may need to repeat washing/soaking the legs once a week as well).

    Personally I would clean the roosts (at least) until you get them under control. Treating the coop is a good idea too.

    It can take several weeks (or more) to get rid of scaly leg mites. If you do start to introduce the new birds, then it would be wise to give their legs a good coating of oil/vaseline as a preventative. I would think if the oil smothers mites on infested chickens, then it would be hard for them to inhabit legs that have oil/vaseline on them.

    Just my thoughts[​IMG]

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