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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Caleb999, Nov 27, 2015.

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    So, a few days ago I posted about a red sex links with potential leg mites. Well, I put Vaseline on her legs for 3-4 days. Her legs definitely didn't get worst, but there was not a whole lot of improvement. Last night, my mom decided that she would try rubbing yeast cream into her legs. She thought that this chicken had a yeast infection due to the poor conditions of her former coop. Well, it was a little over 12 hours ago, and I checked her legs this morning. In that little time, there has already been a big improvement. The scales are starting to smooth down, instead of lifting up. The discolouration is fading. I'm not sure what to think, all I Know for sure, is that I will be treating her with yeast cream again, and again, until she is better.

    So, the big question I have is, did I stumble upon another way to treat leg mites, or did she have a yeast infection?

    Thanks so much for the advice, help, and opinions, it was greatly appreciated.

    I took some pictures, it's hard to see the improvement by looking at them, but in person, you can tell there was improvement.[​IMG]
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    Wow that is a big improvement!
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    Any oily or greasy cream will kill the legmites. The oil in the lotion suffocates them. My favorite treatment is baby oil.
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    On the one hand, any oil-based medium is going to suffocate leg mites. On the other hand, yeast is an opportunistic infection that will strike when the chance arises and defenses are down...like when the skin is opened up due to leg mites.

    In the absence of further study, we are not going to be able to make a definitive link to an anti-fungal cream being a treatment for leg mites. It definitely should be further investigated.
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    Great points!^^^

    Also, scale appearance can take some time to show improvement after treatment.....mild cases clear much quicker than more severe ones.

    It could be the 'yeast cream' (what was the product name?) took care of a secondary issue and immediately reduced inflammation/swelling.
    .....or..... it took some time for the debris to be cleared from under the scales.
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    It is 1% tolnaftate cream. I Slathered her legs in it again today, and she almost looks normal. You can see the difference within minutes of rubbing it on. I don't know if I lucked out on a random one time occurrence, or something else. I'll I can say for certain is, it made one heck of an improvement!
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    Nov 27, 2012
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    I use NuStock for many things. One of the best uses for it, is for leg mites. It is an organic salve made for deep wounds. All it is is sulfur, mineral oil and pine tar. The sulfur is both antibiotic and anti fungal. It kills the mites by suffocating them, but also keeps bacteria and fungal infections from starting under the scales. This stuff is amazing! It usually takes one application. I rub it all over the leg and toes, all the way up to the feathers. I too, had a red sex link. She was a rescue chicken and had mites really bad, when I got her. It took two applications with the NuStock. I'm never without it! Don't forget to use gloves when applying it. It really has a strong sulfur smell.

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