Leg mites??????

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    Does she have leg mites? She has been fully quarantined. If so, how do I treat them? I just got her, and she was kept in a bad environment. Like old eggs everywhere, and a very unclean coop. She is young, and I felt so bad for her I had to save her. I don't know what to think, thanks for the help
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    No, I don't think she has scaly leg mites. I would give her a few days of petroleum jelly leg rubs to be sure, but the scales are not lifted. The legs look like she has been exposed to some wear and tear, but I am seeing no overt signs of a pest.
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    x2. I think she probably needs TLC [​IMG]
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    I forgot to mention, she is about 1 year old, and is a red sex links.
    Thanks so much for the advice, it is greatly appreciated, and I will continue to give you updates,
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    Hi Caleb. I agree that, at this point it doesn't look like mites. But sooner or later, you will get them. It's just part of having chickens. I had a rescue red sex link, she has always been my favorite...and she had them bad! Get some NuStock and have it on hand. I don't work for them or anything, but it's just the best all around salve to have in your medicine bag! It is made as a deep wound salve. I've used it on all my farm animals, and me! It is antibacterial and anti fungal. It is nothing more than sulfur, pine tar and mineral oil. But it's made to stay where you rub it. If you see mites, rub it all the way up the leg to the feathers. It not only suffocates the mites, like Vaseline, but keeps anything from getting started under raised scales. The Vaseline won't do that. It wonderful stuff that I'm never without.
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