leg problems, husband wants to put her down! **UPDATE**


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Aug 3, 2008
please help! I have a 4 week old black australorp pullet that is having leg problems. She is very wobbly, and can barely stand up, it's gotten worse over time. She eats, drinks, and poops fine. Not being sure whether or not it's a disease that could spread, we've seperated her from the other chicks we have. She lays down most the time, and hobbles about every once in a while, but is definately handicapped. My husband think she'd be better off dead. :| Do you agree?

We had a nice BYC member help us out with info. We have been giving her vitamins 2x a day, and ... She still can not walk well, and stumbles around, but she is eating and drinking. The good news is, she's alive, and not shaking as badly. I noticed today though that she has a large lumpy/swollen part in her breast area...not centered, but more toward the same side of her body that the leg is on that doesnt' work very well... any ideas on that???
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Mar 21, 2008
I would definitely give yourself a day or two at least to research possible causes/treatments! I had two sick birds that my dh wanted me to kill and even the guy from the MSU extension for poultry didn't think they sounded like they would make it.... but with some TLC they pulled through and are just fine!

Hopefully someone can help you figure out what might be causing the problem!


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Well, is it getting worse? Was it a sudden onset or slow? Did she get attacked or injured some how? What is her diet? Perhapse she ate something bad? If it's nervous system damage, might not get better. If you have the time to care for her and keep her clean, you can wait it out and try to see if she recoveres, but else... I personally would put her down as the majoirity of my flock is production, and not pet.

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