Leg rings and best size(s)?


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May 2, 2017
Leicestershire UK
Ok so my chicks will be 2 weeks old come Monday and few of my chicks already have larger combs compared to other chicks with in the group. All these chicks are crosses (hybrids) and hatched from my own flocks eggs, 8 of the 14 hens I have are single comb where the rest have pea combs.

My issue is I want to get leg rings an place them on each chick so I can log which chicks I think are males and what I think are females. I know 2 weeks is really young to tell male or female but as I said some of them do have larger combs already. but I don't know what size(s) to pick how often you have to change them how they should sit on a leg etc.

My chicks are a crosses of RIR's, medium/large hybrid egg layers, a small blue egg layer, lavender aruacana, silkiex brahma and pure brahma's.

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