Leg twisted backwards and dead weight

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    Jul 21, 2008
    We have one chick, now 1 month old, whose leg dangles uselessly behind her and appears to be twisted completely backwards. I didn't know if this was "splayed leg" someone else described here once before. I remember she cured it in about 3 days by taping the legs together and turning the odd leg into its rightful position. I tried that twice and it didn't work. The tape didn't even stay in position an hour, I don't think before the leg was twisted backwards again so I gave up.

    I can't believe she's still alive. I don't know how she's eating/drinking. My husband says she's flying to get where she needs to go. I wanted to just put her down but my soft-hearted husband says leave her alone.

    The only other alternative I can think of is to cut off the useless leg and let her learn to hop on one leg and use her wings any other time. Has anyone here ever tried to "amputate" off a chicken's leg? Vet is not an option because of the expense. These chicks are supposed to be for income, for Pete's sake. If she wasn't dragging dead weight, I think she might still be able to produce eggs one day.

    Has anyone ever tried this? How did you do it, not being a vet?

    The malfunction seems to be from the hip or thigh all the way back, not just from the bend in the featherless part of the leg. Sorry, don't know my chicken anatomy. Hope that makes sense.

    Another one, different kind from same hatchery, appears to be developing a twisted leg as well, but it's still functional, just makes her gimp a little. This couldn't be a disease, could it? I can't imagine a "disease" twisting the legs around like that.

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    It sounds like the leg is broke, maybe at hip area ? Does she have any feeling in this leg? try gently pinching her toes? Is this leg colder then the other? trying to remove the leg shouldn't be a option (unless you are a vet) it would be very painful for the bird. It would be better to have her culled. When a bird drags its leg or the leg is twisted backwards means lack of control and ligament and tendons are probably involved too. I wish I could do more for this bird maybe others might have some ideas [​IMG]
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    I had a chicken with a useless leg. She was fine, and got around quite well. However, she fell into a duck pool and drowned, I'm sure she could have gotten out if both legs had been working. If the leg isn't being damaged and still has circulation - and if the bird seems to not be in pain from it, you can keep her and leave the leg alone.

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