Leg Wear and Roosters

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    Mar 30, 2011
    My rooster has something against a brown pair of pants I own. They have a little rusty red in them, but not much, they are mostly forest brown in color, straight-legged.

    When I wear them around him, he goes wild and becomes mad and pecks me. When I wear my loose khaki chore pants, which is almost all of the time-- they look sloppy and don't show off my form, but they are comfy-- he is gentle and tame acting. But the brown skinny-legged pants set him off...

    Do you suppose they trigger thoughts of a predator in him? I'm thinking he thinks I'm a dog or a fox or a wolf when I wear them?

    Today I made the mistake of wearing a swishy black skirt with a ruffle on the bottom of it, right after church to go hunt for eggs. All my hose had runs this morning so I was bear legged with mid-calf boots of an alligator/snakeskin faux print. My sweater and top had bright red in them. My rooster didn't care for this outfit, either.

    He doesn't like my dress clothes, but he is just fine when I wear my grubbies. Do you suppose I put forth an aura of anxiety when I am in my dress clothes, whereas I am more relaxed in my old clothes, and he senses this?

    I find it all very interesting!

    Someone told me the other day I should dress up for my SO more and look nice all the time. Well, I can't dress one way for my roo and another for my SO. I'd have to be changing back and forth all day long. HAHA. I'd rather have nonpecked legs, so I vote for comfortable. What do you think?

    When my roo has pecked me, I have picked him up and carried him around and calmed him down. I have tried stomping my feet and getting physical with him, but what works best is just to reason with him in a calm, gentle tone. He's very bright, but certain clothes seem to trigger this fighting instinct in him, as if he thinks I am a predator.

    As long as I wear my baggy khakis or raggedy denims, and my flat black loafers, he is just fine. I just have to remember to have those clothes on around him all the time, so as not to raise his stress levels.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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